Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology Inc. ( NASDAQ: MCHP ) (formerly Arizona Microchip ) is an American semiconductor manufacturer from Chandler (Arizona ).

Facts and Figures

Microchip Technology Inc., was founded in 1989 as a semiconductor manufacturing company from the Group General Instrument. From this time the first PICmicros, PIC16C54 come. The stock of the company Microchip is traded on the New York Stock Exchange NASDAQ under MCHP. Own semiconductor factories produce almost 100% of all semiconductors in Tempe, Arizona and Gresham, Oregon.


Among the best known products include the popular also at hobby electronics engineers PIC microcontroller series. To this end, Microchip also provides the necessary development environments ( hardware and software). In the environment of microcontrollers are temperature and power semiconductors in the portfolio as well as interface blocks (different x / y- converter as analog / digital, digital / analog, frequency / voltage and voltage / frequency as well as interfaces in the computational sense as serial interface, CAN, Infrared and Ethernet interfaces, etc.) and memory ( serial and parallel I / EEPROMs). For the so-called Radio Frequency Identification There are also different components as well as the so-called KeeLoq series, which is suitable for authentication.