The Micronas Group is a developer and manufacturer of semiconductor-based sensor and IC system solutions for automotive and industrial electronics. Headquartered in the Micronas Semiconductor Holding AG in Zurich ( Switzerland ). Micronas is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX Swiss Exchange ).

  • 3.1 Environmental Certifications
  • 3.2 Automotive certifications


The company was founded in May 1989 in Switzerland under the name Crosstec Engineering AG. In July 1992 it was taken over by the Finnish Nokia daughter Micronas Oy and subsequently traded at Micronas. In 1995, the founding of Micronas Semiconductor Holding AG in Zurich and four months later was the Company's listing on the Swiss Exchange. In 1997, the Micronas took over the resident in Freiburg im Breisgau ITT subsidiary Inter metal.

In 2000, the Micronas Holding AG took over proportionally 15% of Analog Circuit Technologies (now innoComm Wireless), San Diego California. This investment was sold in February 2001 with the acquisition of innoComm Wireless from National Semiconductor. In October of the same year Micronas acquired the areas of image and video Infineon, in April 2003, the Dutch Design Center Microtune, in May 2004 LINX Electronics, December 2005 Wischip International.

In the years 2007 and 2008 there was a restructuring of the consumer segment. Sections of the consumer electronics division was sold in 2009, the rest closed. In 2010, Micronas founded in addition to their division automotive electronics business area Industrial and thus focuses on both the automobile, as well as on the industrial market. 2011 Micronas worked after four years of losses, according to his own words, at a profit.

Corporate structure and products

Headquartered in the Micronas Semiconductor Holding AG in Zurich ( Switzerland ). The subsidiary company Micronas GmbH in Freiburg im Breisgau ( Germany ) is the operational headquarters of the company and production facility. Furthermore maintains Micronas a test and finishing center in Glenrothes (Scotland ) and two other development sites in Munich ( Germany ) and Villach ( Austria ).

Micronas develops and manufactures semiconductor products for automotive and industrial applications. These include magnetic field and current sensors whose operation is based on the Hall effect as well as gas sensors, and embedded controllers for intelligent actuators: Hall switch, programmable linear Hall sensors Hall - current converter, embedded controllers for smart actuators, CMOS gas sensors. In addition to the operational subsidiaries active in Germany, Austria, Scotland and Japan, the Micronas Holding AG maintains representative offices in the USA, France, China, Italy and Korea around the world.


The Micronas Semiconductor Holding AG operates several subsidiaries, among which are operationally active:

  • Micronas GmbH, Freiburg ( Germany ), 100 %
  • Micronas Semiconductor Development Villach GmbH, Villach ( Austria ), 100 %
  • Micronas Ltd.. , Glenrothes (Scotland ), 100 %
  • Micronas Japan K. K., Tokyo (Japan ), 100 %
  • New Technologies Micronas GmbH, Munich ( Germany ), 100 %

Quality and environmental management

Environmental certifications

  • 2002, EMAS certification of Micronas GmbH
  • 2011, ISO 14001 recertification of Micronas GmbH
  • 2011, ISO 14001 certification of Micronas Ltd in Scotland
  • AAA certification of Micronas GmbH through ACE Risk Management Services

Built in December 2011, Micronas GmbH on their roofs a 2000 m2 of photovoltaic system.

Automotive certifications

  • ISO / TS 16949
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • IEC 61340-5-1