MicroProse Soccer

MicroProse Soccer ( also: Keith Van Eron 's Pro Soccer) is a computer game by Sensible Software, which was released in 1988 on the C64. This new genre standards were set, in addition, the football game was released in 1989 on the Amiga 500/600, Atari ST and MS -DOS.


There are two versions available, one American ( indoor ) and a European ( outdoor ). Unlike the European version will be played indoors at the American version exclusively with the U.S. team.

MicroProse Soccer is played in a top view. There are so-called banana shots possible in which one could influence the trajectory after the ball has already left the foot. In addition, games are possible in thunderstorms and rain. Goals will be shown ( depending on settings) in a repeating sequence again, before a rewind animation is played.

Besides the game some unofficial versions of the Italian Group AEG have appeared soft, such as U.S. 94 In these versions, the teams of the respective World Cup are included and often also the official logo.