As a micro-region refers to a geographical or political unity of cities and towns. In Germany, there are often cross-border regions or economic centers. Micro-regions in Brazil, however, correspond to the German districts, are thus located below the federal states.

In the Czech Republic there are associations located in the outskirts of country towns smaller municipalities to perform administrative tasks, similar to a Samtgemeinde.

In Brazil there is the concept of micro-region in the statistical context. As a translation of the Portuguese word microrregião ( " small area "), a micro-region according to the Brazilian Constitution of 1988 is a compilation of adjoining municipalities or cities. In this case, they must not be related necessarily political. But, there are similarities in social and economic terms, which lead to a specified unit as a micro- region. The term " micro-region " often occurs in conjunction with the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics ( IBGE ), to serve as a guide for the work and thus have a better basis for planning and organizing various public policy issues. In addition to the micro-region, there is also in Brazil setting the mesoregion. A, for the same purpose to provide supporting, but larger area.

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