Microsoft AutoRoute

Microsoft AutoRoute is a route planner for your PC for viewing maps and to automatically create individual driving routes in the car. The version for North America ( U.S. and Canada ) is called Microsoft Streets & Trips.


The first version brought the British company Nextbase Ltd.. in the late 80s for DOS -based computers on the market and it later ported to the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. In 1994, the software was sold to Microsoft and marketed under the name Microsoft Automap Road Atlas and Microsoft Automap Streets. Since 1997, the program is called in Europe Microsoft Autoroute.

As of version 2000, a basic version of additives under different names ( Express, Standard, Essentials last ) part of the Works suite was up to version 2006. Has over this distribution as an OEM version of the program attained its greatest notoriety.

The current program version 2013 can be installed on Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server. For Windows XP and Windows Server 64- bit versions are excluded.


Autoroute is available in two full versions with or without GPS navigation and supports voice-activated management for mobile Windows computer. In the OEM version of the program without GPS navigation and voice guidance is intended for stationary use on your desktop computer. About Internet and Web services such as Windows Live Search but also other online features are included. Version 2006 is the last version for Windows 98 / Me and the 2007 version is the last version for Windows 2000. A special feature is the ability to adjust the card with drawing tools individually.


Included is the maps of 37 European countries. Only for the major European countries also address lookup with street names is available for the other countries included highways are only listed. The map can remain on disk or installed and is a program-based alternative for online route planner.


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