Microsoft Gadgets

As a mini application or gadget Microsoft Microsoft refers to the small programs (elements), which are arranged on the desktop. They were introduced with Windows Vista and could be placed anywhere on the desktop or in a sidebar, which was eliminated in Windows 7. The opened, running gadgets do not appear as usual in the Windows taskbar.

Starting with Windows 8, the gadgets from Microsoft have been set since Microsoft systemic saw a considerable threat. To replace Windows apps were introduced.

Types of gadgets

  • Gadget or sidebar gadget ( included in Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  • Webgadets ( eg news ticker on websites, and others)
  • Windows SideShow applications ( allow additional functions to other external monitors, TVs, mobile phones, PDAs, etc. )

The program sticky notes, which is included in Windows 7, not one of the gadgets because it can not be docked to the desktop and appears as an open program on the taskbar. More mini applications (eg news ticker, small games, monitoring tools for computer, etc.) can usually be downloaded free of charge from Microsoft and other Internet sources.

The Gadget Gallery site was closed due to the Windows 8 app offering.