Microsoft Management Console

The Microsoft Management Console (MMC ) is a graphical user interface for managing computers running Microsoft Windows. The MMC itself does not perform any administrative tasks, but summarizes management utilities. Such a program for the MMC snap-in is called and has the file name extension msc.

With the MMC, most tools are executed, the user finds below the Control Panel item "Administration", including the Computer Management Device Manager and Disk Management as well as the service control. The main view of the Management Console left shows a tree, in which the desired snap- in is selected. Right then appear its options.


The MMC was introduced in late 1997 with the Option Pack for Windows NT 4.0. Version 1.2 is part of Windows 2000., You can also be retrofitted under Windows 9x. With Windows XP version 2.0 and with Windows Vista version 3.0 of the MMC followed. Version 3.0 is also available in Service Pack 3 for Windows XP. All newer versions of the operating system also include this version of the MMC.