Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

The Microsoft MVP is the highest award from Microsoft, which will be awarded to dedicated professionals with outstanding technical expertise for your contributions ( presentations, blog articles, forum posts) to the community. The award is presented annually since 1995. MVP stands for Most Valuable Professional ' ( mutatis mutandis to German: "Maximum Estimated expert" ).

There are (as of August 2013) about 4000 MVPs worldwide ( according to Microsoft, selected from about 280 million community participants ), divided the various computer software products and technological disciplines. Depending on the art, many MVPs are awarded differently. For example, there are in the area of ​​Exchange world several hundred MVPs in the area PowerShell only about 52

MVPs usually get special support from Microsoft, will receive a software package in the form of MSDN and TechNet subscriptions, and a personal contact ( " MVP Lead" ).

Requirements for the award

Requirements for this award are special involvement in the community ( community ), the user of a software and outstanding expertise.

The criteria here are not limited to:

  • Expertise
  • Helpfulness

Will be considered publications in the following media:

  • Online communities (eg forums)
  • Blogs of the MVPs (In the Microsoft communities as well as on personal websites )
  • Offline communities
  • Articles in magazines
  • Book publications
  • Lectures

Annual Award ( award period )

A jury consisting of members of the MVP team at Microsoft and the product group team at Microsoft rated the technical know -how and the voluntary contribution of each nominee to the communities in the past year. The jury takes into account the quality, the number and the effectiveness of the contributions of MVP candidates. Active MVPs are annually tested as thoroughly as other candidates.

Events and interaction

The recipient of the MVP award will be invited annually to participate in the so-called MVP Global Summit, a multiple day event at the headquarters of Microsoft in Redmond and Seattle, Washington. At the MVP Global Summit MVP get access to exclusive technical content, take part in meetings where they can give direct feedback and meet Microsoft executives, product teams and other MVPs from around the world.

MVPs maintain usually a lively exchange with Microsoft in the offices of each country. In Germany, as, inter alia, irregularly several times a year a so-called MVP Open Day held in various cities in which to each other MVPs make contacts, build relationships with experts from Microsoft and can give the Microsoft product teams, practical insights and feedback.

Related programs

  • Microsoft CLIP (Microsoft Community Leader / Insider Program).
  • Cisco Designated VIP ( similar program from Cisco)
  • VExpert ( similar program of VMware)