Microsoft Photo Editor

Microsoft Photo Editor is a simple graphics program that comes with Microsoft Office ( versions 97 through XP) and was only included for the Windows platform. It was developed for the post processing of photos and contains the most office environments used import and export filters for pixel and vector graphics: JPEG, TIFF, PCD, PCX, GIF and PNG.


The Photo Editor provides the following features:

  • Convert image formats (only via Save as ... )
  • Change colors and brightness values
  • Simple transparency for a color value determined ( in GIF and PNG format)
  • Add different effects ( including sharpen and blur )
  • Rotate, crop or embed image fragments pictures
  • Change resolution
  • Scan

Levels are not supported. Inserted image parts can indeed move yet, but merge in the next step with the background.

The successor to Microsoft Office Picture Manager

The sequel, which is integrated since Office 2003, is the image browser Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Some effects are, however, no longer supported there. In the Office upgrade the Photo Editor is removed and must be reinstalled from the original version of Office if necessary. The focus of the follow-up program is in addition to basic functions for photo retouching on the image management (local, network and other media ), as well as on the share on the network or on web pages.