Microsoft PhotoDraw

Microsoft PhotoDraw is an image editing program for vector and raster graphics from Microsoft. PhotoDraw already completed previously as a plugin for Microsoft Office 97 is a gap in the graphics processing for office users. It complements the Photo Editor, a simple image editor for photos and similar pixel graphics. In 2000, PhotoDraw was released in 2000, one of them independently developed a standalone program, whose sophisticated functions with applications such as Micrografx Designer or Corel Draw should compete. However, it had no significant success and was discontinued after the second release.

Development and problems of the target group definition

1998 which has a plugin has been released for download, the Microsoft Office 97 should be supplemented by additional features of imaging as a pure vector graphics program. The target group was thus the office users who wanted to edit in Word, Excel and Power Point out any vector graphics with simple means. However, image creation and format conversions are not possible.

On the basis of Picture It! , A single program for the home and part of the Microsoft Works Suite finally a graphics program became independent from the previous draw plugin developed that as a standalone program open ( with clip art and font collections on two CDs) over private users, new target groups should. Although it is part of Office 2000, but only in the Premium and Developer Edition. The second version of the program is part of Office 2000 SR -1 ( Premium / Developer). As a single version, it contains three CDs, all clip art and font collections that were previously shipped to this extent only with Microsoft Publisher. PhotoDraw has Picture It! the file extension ". MIX" ( Microsoft Image Extension) accepted, but the files are not compatible between these two programs.

Because Microsoft marketed the program as part of the Office Suite, the functions of the program, however, were intended more for business applications, developed in marketing target group conflicts which prevented a clear user profile of the program.

  • For office users, the program is overloaded with unnecessary features and is involved in only occasional use confusing
  • For Home, the program is intended as a "premium " version of Picture It! uninteresting, since most is the processing of pixel graphics in the foreground
  • Technical users require either specialized applications such as Visio or CAD software. For more specialized uses (eg programs in construction area) allow semi-professional programs such as Corel Draw or Micrografx Designer more potential through the individualization of templates and script control.
  • For graphic designers, the program is not professional enough, especially as pre-press, special color profiles, and some other functions are missing. It can not compete with Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand.

Functions of PhotoDraw 2000

PhotoDraw was presented as a professional vector and raster graphics program to compete with Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and this is reflected in the large library of clip art, and well thought out collection of additional fonts.

The proprietary PhotoDraw file format. " Mix " can be imported from Microsoft Office 2000 and 2003, as well as Adobe Illustrator. PhotoDraw also controls the opening and saving in different file formats, including PNG. In the early versions of Office 2007 ( before February ) there will be compatibility issues. In particular, the file exchange with PowerPoint full compatibility is given only on the file format EMF (Enhanced Metafile).

Follow-up programs

Microsoft has its concept for the program selection fundamentally revised and both PhotoDraw and Picture It set. Her follow-up program Microsoft Digital Image with full support for Photoshop plug-ins could not prevail. The last version came to May 2007 as a Digital Image Suite 2006 on the market, the photo on the retail version reminds with its hot air balloons on the logo of Corel Draw. Import filter these programs can be found today in the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer ( part of Windows XP), with the Office Picture Manager is Office users ( in addition to a simple photo ENHANCE ) a conversion program for vector graphics. Other components of these programs are initially incorporated into the Vista Windows Live Photo Gallery and other concepts around Vista. For PhotoDraw itself there is no successor.

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