Microsoft SharePoint Designer

Microsoft SharePoint Designer is a program for editing sites, workflows and templates that run on Microsoft SharePoint (Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation). It is part of the Microsoft SharePoint family of products. Originally, Microsoft SharePoint Designer part of the Microsoft Office 2007 product range, but was never part of an Office suite.



Microsoft SharePoint Designer is shared with Microsoft Expression Web the successor to Microsoft FrontPage to edit web pages. While Microsoft Expression Web can be used completely for creating any Web pages, Microsoft SharePoint Designer is specifically designed for creating and editing Web pages in SharePoint. It offers more control than the built-in editing capabilities in SharePoint.

While the first version of the 2007 could still be used as a standalone HTML editor is Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 and 2013 used exclusively in combination with SharePoint.


The first version was initially sold commercially and since 31 March 2009, SharePoint Designer 2007 offered free of charge. The current version was published in 2013 together with SharePoint 2013 on October 12th, 2012.


Microsoft SharePoint Designer uses the same code base as its twin product Microsoft Expression Web and notify both the user interface and the same HTML engine for displaying pages.