Microsoft Visio

Visio (English pronunciation: / vɪzɪjoʊ / ) is a visualization program developed by Microsoft for Windows. The software is in the broadest sense to the Microsoft Office family, but is not part of an Office suite and can therefore only be purchased separately.

Since Office Visio 2003 there is only one standard and a professional edition. Previous editions such as Technical and Enterprise Edition have been integrated in the Professional Edition. With the introduction of Visio 2010 there is also a premium edition that includes advanced tools that enable business processes and SharePoint workflows can be modeled.

The company was bought Visio with the same software in January 2000 for about 1.3 billion U.S. dollars from Microsoft.


Visio is used to generate graphs using different templates with matching tools and symbols. The resulting diagrams can be simple, for example, drag and drop, as well as a separate file (* vsd. ) Embed in other documents. It is particularly suitable for flowcharts and business processes, but also other kinds of diagrams, such as can be so simple technical drawings and create UML diagrams (see UML tools). The special feature of Visio diagrams is that the individual shapes that are located in so-called templates, can be linked with data from any databases and Excel spreadsheets. With the Visio Services such diagrams can also be presented on the SharePoint server of a company other employees, without these Visio must be installed on the computer.


Since March 2008, Office Visio is first applied by a viral commercials on YouTube.

With the introduction of Visio 2010 different viral spots in which well-known fairy tales were visualized emerged.


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