Microthamnion sp.

Microthamnion is a genus of algae from the class of Trebouxiophyceae.


Microthamnion is richly branched, einzellreihige threads with a diameter of 1.5 to 5 microns, and rounded ends. The cylindrical cells have a nucleus and a parietal, band-shaped, olive-green chloroplasts, which contains no pyrenoids. The thread associations are very small, not much more than 1 mm.


Asexual reproduction occurs by the formation of zweigeißeligen zoospores; two for each cell. It can also lead to disintegration thread.

Sexual reproduction is not known.


Microthamnion lives in phytoplankton oligo - mesotrophic lakes and even on stones, wood and water plants in clean standing and flowing waters.

Types (selection)

  • Microthamnion elegans
  • Microthamnion kuetzingianum
  • Microthamnion vexator


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