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Middelfart is the capital of the homonymous municipality in Region of Southern Denmark on the island of Funen. The municipality is 72 km ².


Middelfart is located about 11 km south of Fredericia, about 34 km north- west of Assen and 46 km west of Odense. The city is located between the northern part of Snævringen and the Fænøsund and has several ports on both banks. On the south bank of Snævringen, between the two bridges over the Little Belt, are the community harbor, the Kongebro Havn and the new Tel -Ka- Marina, on the north bank of the Fænøsund is located in the marina district Russelbæk Middelfart ( Middelfart Lystbådehavn ).


In the 11th century it was known as Mæthlælfar what about " the centermost crossing point " means. Because of its location at the narrowest point of the Little Belt, the fishing village quickly developed into the most important port between Jutland and Funen. 1496 awarded by the Danish King John I of market rights. Another important source of income in addition to trade and craft was from the 16th century, the hunting of harbor porpoises in the Little Belt, which have been caught because of Trans. This era lasted until the end of the 19th century, after by the increasing use of paraffin oil prices fell by Tran. A series of half-timbered houses from the Renaissance period bear witness to this flowering period.

After two years of construction, the first protected harbor basin in 1836 put into operation. 1899 chose the cable and wire factory Nordiske cable -og Traadfabriker Middelfart one of its major locations. In 1935, the first bridge over the Little Belt, Lillebæltsbroen, completed, which Middelfart occupied a central role in road and railway network in Denmark. 1970, a second bridge over the Belt was opened. The highway bridge Ny Little Belt is an important link in the history of the European Route 20

Population Development

Development of the population for each (January 1 ):

  • 2003-13330
  • 2006-13645
  • 2007-13824
  • 2008-14081
  • 2009-14494
  • 2010-14589

Culture and sights

In and near Middelfart centers include the following notable buildings:

  • Kulturøen in the harbor is the cultural center of the city and was completed in 2005.
  • The Middelfart Museum exhibitions on the recent cultural history of the community.
  • Lillebæltsbroen 1935 is a combined road and railway bridge.
  • The Ny Little Belt from 1970 is a motorway bridge over the Little Belt.
  • Supporting poles of the two 380 - kV transmission line crosses the overhead line crossing the Little Belt