Middle-distance running#1000 m

The 1000 - meter race is a discipline in athletics. To run two and a half stadium laps on a 400 - meter track. The start is at the 200 - meter point, so ahead of the curve to the finish line while standing ( high launch ) of a curved starting line ( involute). The 1000 - meter race is rare in large outdoor sports festivals and frequently run into the hall as well as in youth and student competitions. He belongs to the 800 -meter run and 1500 -meter run to the middle-distance.

The fastest men achieve times at 2:12 minutes, corresponding to 7.58 m / s or 27.27 km / h The German record keeps Willi Wülbeck, in Oslo ran 2:14,53 minutes on 1 July 1980.

The fastest women achieve times at 2:29 minutes, corresponding to 6.71 m / s or 24.16 km / h