Middle German Chemical Triangle

The term Central German Chemical Triangle (regional spoken by only chemical triangle ) is the industrial conurbation around the cities of Halle (Saale ), Merseburg and Bitterfeld meant in Saxony -Anhalt. The name derives from the predominant industry in this region - the chemical and petroleum-refining industry - from.

It is often spoken of Chemical Triangle Leuna- Buna -Bitterfeld, as these locations are the oldest and most influential in the region. Buna is not for a city Buna, but for the first synthetic rubber which has been produced in the specially built Buna -Werke in Schkopau. Today, Dow Chemical produced in Schkopau synthetic rubber, which is marketed under the name BUNA SB.

In the late 1950s the advertising slogan " plastic and Elaste from Schkopau " was introduced to promote the product range of the former Chemische Werke Buna. The slogan was recorded primarily on billboards and as illuminated advertising. The most famous illuminated advertising was on a tower at the northern bridgehead of the Elbe bridge Vockerode during the transit route Berlin - Hof ( current federal highway 9) attached.

The partial preservation of the sites after 1990 required a large investment of approximately DM 1 million per job and was politically controversial, mainly because the research and development potential of the region were considered to be worn. For the preservation of locations spoke in terms of policy as the former IG Chemie - Paper - ceramic, the fact of a " chemistry experienced " employees or nearby residents.