Midget car racing

Midget Car ( also in Australia Speedcar ) is an originally American race car class. The name Midget (English: dwarf) refers to the very compact design. The vehicle type comes from the usual in America oval track racing, the modern version is now mostly used on dirt Dirttrack courses.


The first regular weekly racing with Midget Cars started on August 10, 1933 Loyola High School Stadium in Los Angeles. This was the first officially aligned Championship, refer to the Midget Auto Racing Association ( MARA ) was founded. On 15 December 1934, the first Australian run took place in Melbourne. Early races were still held on built for track cycling oval courses. Later, these races were held on dirt and paved automobile race tracks.

Current Midget Car class

The Midget Cars used today have 300 to 400 hp at 450 kg and are equipped with roll bars.

Host / associations


  • Speed ​​Cars Australia
  • Speedcar Super Series - Australia 's National Midget Racing Series
  • NSWspeedcars.com - Speedcar Association of NSW ( Sydney Club )
  • Wasda.com.au - Speedcar Racing in Western Australia ( Western Australian Speedcar Drivers Association Perth Club )
  • VSDA - Victorian Speedcar Drivers Association Inc
  • QSRA - Queensland Speedcar Racing Association

New Zealand

  • Speedway New Zealand
  • New Zealand Speedway Directory Links to New Zealand Speedway Websites

United Kingdom

  • Grand Prix Midget Club

United States of America

  • AMRA - Arizona Midget Racing Association
  • ARDC - American Racing Drivers Club
  • BCRA - Bay Cities Racing Association
  • BMARA - Badger Midget Auto Racing Association (the oldest sanctioning body)
  • NEMA - North Eastern Midget Association
  • ATQMRA - American Three Quarter Midget Racing Association
  • STARS - Short Track Auto Racing Series
  • USAC - The United States Automobile Club
  • POWRi - O'Reilly POWRi National Midget Series
  • RMMRA - Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association
  • SMRS - Southern Midget Racing Series
  • IRS - Illini Racing Series
  • USSA - United States Speed ​​Association
  • WMRA - Washington Midget Racing Association