A master keyboard [ mɑ ː ˌ ki ː stə bɔ ː d] is a keyboard with integrated MIDI controller for generating control data ( MIDI data ), without their own sound production.

The MIDI output of the master keyboard can be connected to a sound module or a computer, which then produce the desired sounds when playing the keys. A sequencer (eg computer with sequencing software ) may also record the keystrokes for later playback via MIDI on any MIDI -enabled devices.

Simple Master keyboards are available from 30 euros and most of which have two octaves with mini keys without velocity. The higher quality master keyboards have 88 weighted standard keys with hammer action, to simulate the feel of a piano. In addition, they offer Playing aids such as modulation wheels, aftertouch and other special features to control the connected mostly via MIDI devices can, for example, to select instrumental sounds on these devices. Lately offer master keyboard in addition to a MIDI port and a USB port.

Most digital pianos and keyboards staff have also mostly simple master keyboard functions.

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