2014 ( March 31, 2013 )

Midsund is a place and a municipality in the central Norwegian Fylke (administrative district ) Møre og Romsdal.

Demographic and topographic data

In the Commune of 2014 people ( as of March 31, 2013 ) on an area of ​​around 95 square kilometers with a population density of 21 inhabitants per square kilometer. The administrative center is Midsund. Other notable places are Ugelvik and Tangen on the north side, Ramsvik on the southwest and south and north Hegdal on the south side.

The Commune of up 740 meters high mountains stretches from North to South, 15.9 km and 27.5 km from east to west. To the municipality includes the islands Dryna, Midøy, Magerøy Otrøy, Tautra and about another 200 small islands. Neighboring municipalities are Aukra Haram, Molde, Sandøy and Vestnes. All islands are connected via bridges, or fixed dams.

The closest

The archipelago is connected to two times daily ferries traveling with the Norwegian mainland. A drive on the western tip of Drynaholmen from Brattvag after the other from the eastern point at Solholmen after Mordalsvagen. The ferry company is the Fjord1. In addition, two tunnel projects in the pipeline, one of Drynaholmen and Brattvag should connect and the other large parts of Norway to blend into the same huge offshore wind farm planned on Aukra. Seen the United Spatially, the region is accessible to the archipelago on the E6 ( from Oslo to Domas ) and from there via the E136 ( at Åndalsnes past Molde and then Mordalsvagen ) by car. Furthermore, one can reach the island via Alesund Vigra Airport and its by plane.


On the main island Otrøy on the north side there is a campsite that is ideal for anglers who want to fish for several days on the island. The South Side is home to the place Hegdal a cabin rental with rentable boats. It can be fished from shore or you can hire a small boat. In the largest city Midsund, which is centrally located between the islands, there is also a tourist office. Thus, often from the archipelago of visited targets the cities Molde, Alesund, Geiranger and Trollstigen.

Abundance of fish in the island region

In the water around the islands to catch mainly cod, plaice, haddock, pollock and catfish.


The island has a primary school and a secondary school, both located on the largest island Otrøy. In Midsund itself there are several supermarkets, a bank, a post office, a flower shop, a hairdresser, a petrol station, several cafes and a dentist. A church with an adjoining cemetery are found in town Ugelvik.


To a large extent, there is a group of islands of a typical Norwegian Fjelllandschaft. The island Midøya is actually almost entirely of mountains. The settlements are all in the back of which is a mountain range located on the consistently narrow coastal strip, which dominates the island. Strictly speaking, the islands are nothing but mountains of the Scandinavian Mountains, which are not under water.