Mieszko III the Old

Mieszko the Old (Polish Mieszko III Stary, . * 1126, † March 13, 1202 in Kalisz ) was from 1138-1177/79, 1181/82-1202 Duke in Great Poland, and from 1173 to 1177, 1198 to 1202, when Mieszko III. , Senior Duke of Poland from the Piast dynasty.


Mieszko was around 1126 as the third son of Duke Bolesław III. Wrymouth born of Poland and his second wife Salome von Berg and received in the will of the Father Greater Poland as a duchy. 1146 he participated in the rebellion of the brothers against Władysław II the displaced part and took its cue from its exile from Poland close contacts with the Saxon princes: Among other things, he took part in the 1147 Wendish Crusade, where he mitzog the bears in the southern department under Albrecht. There was namely between him and Henry the Lion, a conflict because of the Polabenlandes, since both claims harbored it. After the death of his brother Bolesław IV of the Kraus -haired man in 1173, he ascended the throne of Krakow. He used, among other things, the title dux dux totius maximus and Poloniae. In domestic policy, he resorted to very strict control measures which provoked the hostility of the small Polish magnates, who chased him from Krakow in 1177 and his youngest brother, Casimir II the Just, appealed to the senior throne. Simultaneous rebellion of his own son Odon ( Otto ) in Wielkopolska forced Mieszko, asylum and help with the Dukes of Pomerania to search. 1181 succeeded Mieszko, with the help of Pomeranian troops recover a part of Great Poland, Gniezno and Kalisz, which became his capital.

1191 Casimir was turned into internal fighting in the Rus the righteous; Mieszko conquered during the Cracow and became for a short time again Duke Senior. In 1194, after the death of his brother Casimir, he attacked again by the Cracow throne and was again driven out by the small Polish magnates, the followers of the minor Leszek were a majority.

1198 succeeded Mieszko, as guardian for his nephew Leszek, again to come to power. He died on March 13, 1202 in Kalisz and was buried there.


Married Mieszko

1 ∞ ca 1140 Elizabeth of Hungary ( 1128-1155 ), the daughter of King Béla II of Hungary of the House of Árpád and Helene of Serbia,

With her he had the following children:

  • Odon ( Otto )
  • Stefan
  • Ludmilla
  • Judith of Poland, she married Bernhard III. (Saxony )
  • Elizabeth, she married her first husband Duke Sobieslav II of Bohemia, his second wife Conrad II, Margrave of Lusatia

2 ∞ approximately 1154 Eudoxia of Kiev, daughter Izjaslav II of Kiev and granddaughter of Emperor Conrad III.

From this marriage the children come from:

  • Boleslaw, Duke of Cujavia, this married a Dobrosława which is commonly identified in Dobrosława of Schlawe
  • Anastasia, she married in 1177 Bogislaw I of Pomerania
  • Wladyslaw III. thin leg