Migration (from the Latin migratio, ( out) migration, relocation ') stands for:

  • Permanent change of residence of people who see emigration ( emigration ), immigration ( immigration), internal migration, multi-locality
  • Migration ( astronomy), a planetary train change of a planet during the formation of a planetary system around a central star
  • Migration ( biology), which goes beyond the normal home range changes in location of organisms
  • Migration ( chemistry), hiking low molecular weight substances ( eg plasticizers ) on the surface of plastics or in surrounding media ( eg toxicological relevance in food packaging and toys)
  • Migration ( genetics) in population genetics
  • Migration ( Geology ), describes the process in the oil and gas development, the petroleum and natural gas to the organic maturity of source rocks migrates to the reservoir rock
  • Migration ( Information Technology ), conversion to other technology, conversion of data formats, software fundamental change, moving ( to another server )
  • Migration ( paint), an error image in paints
  • Migration ( logistics), the integration of customized goods circuits
  • Migration ( seismic ), the computer-aided equalization of seismic data
  • Churn, churn of service companies, mostly the telecommunications industry
  • Propagation of man, a prehistoric process in the course of evolution of man
  • Dispersal mechanisms of plants, plant propagation in botany
  • Electro-migration, the migration of ions in an electric field, such as capillary electrophoresis
  • Case of mobile software agents that move independently of a program between different computers
  • Migrating, in zoology, the immigration and emigration of sub-populations in and out of a pond, and the wandering in the habitat
  • Cell migration, the migration of cells in medicine and biology

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