Miguel Obando y Bravo

Cardinal Miguel Obando Bravo SDB ( born February 2, 1926 in La Libertad, Nicaragua) is an emeritus Archbishop of Managua.


Miguel Obando Bravo resigned after his school days in the Order of the Salesians of Don Bosco and studied philosophy, Catholic theology and pastoral psychology in El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia and Venezuela. In 1958 he received by Archbishop Giuseppe Paupini the sacrament of Holy Orders and worked for a year as a teacher of mathematics and physics. In 1959 he was disciplinary prefect at the seminary of the Salesians in San Salvador in 1961 Rector of the Salesian Institute Rinaldi.

1968 Pope Paul VI appointed him. Titular Bishop of Putia in Byzacena and Auxiliary Bishop of Matagalpa. He received his episcopal consecration Marco Antonio García Suárez, Bishop of Granada. Were co-consecrators Clemente López Carranza, Bishop of Esteli, and Juan Luis Barni Spotti, Prelate of Juigalpa. Paul VI. appointed him two years later as Archbishop of Managua.

During the dictatorship of Somoza, he made active resistance and renewed the Church in a critical attitude towards the regime. Just consistently opposed it Obando against the regime of socialist Sandinistas, who had entered into an alliance with progressive, Marxist-oriented parts of the Church, which were heavily inspired by the products resulting from intra- ecclesiastical reforms of Vatican II theology of liberation.

With this so-called " people's church " ( " iglesia popular " ) he was in a violent conflict. Instead, he openly supported the non-violent parts of the anti-Sandinista opposition, especially the group at a later President Violeta Barrios de Chamorro. For this he was of the leftist parts ( " iglesia popular ' ) hostility. He is referred to in the literature depending on the author both as a liberal, as well as ultra conservative. He always enjoyed the full support of Pope John Paul II During the negotiations that led to the cease-fire and free elections in 1990, he has been actively mediating one.

Pope John Paul II took Miguel Obando Bravo in 1985 as a cardinal priest with the titular church of San Giovanni Evangelista a Spinaceto in the College of Cardinals to. He was the first cardinal from Nicaragua. Cardinal Obando Bravo took in 1992 at the Fourth General Conference of Latin American Bishops in Santo Domingo part. On 12 March 2005, he resigned for reasons of age by the Office of the Archbishop of Managua, but took part in the conclave of 2005. At the conclave in 2013, he took no further part for reasons of age.

According to him, a street was already named in Managua during his lifetime.