Mihailo I of Duklja

Mihailo Vojislavljević was the son Stefan Vojislavs and reigned from 1052 to 1077 as a wholesale Župan in Zeta ( Duklja ) and from 1077 to 1081 as the first king of this early of the Serbs.

Mihailo Vojislavljević was the power structure, his father Stefan Vojislav leaving him, not hold together, Raszien Bosnia and renounced loyalty. To 1071, he supported unsuccessful revolt of the Bulgarians against Byzantium, where Constantine Bodin was crowned Bulgarian Tsar. Nevertheless, Mihailo got from Pope Gregory VII in 1077, the royal insignia, and thus became the first crowned King of the Serbs, also known as Mihailo of Zeta. He was succeeded by his son Constantine Bodin 1081.

  • Born in the 11th century
  • Died in the 11th century
  • Man
  • Župan ( Raszien )
  • Monarch (Zeta)