Mihin Lanka

Mihin Lanka is a low cost airline based in Colombo. It was founded by the government in addition to also state SriLankan Airlines is the second state airline of the island nation to offer the local population cheap flights that are affordable for a large part of the population. To date, the low cost airline is state-owned.


Mihin Lanka was established as a state budget airline 2006 and commenced on 14 April 2007, flight operations. On the route plan beginning with the objectives of Bestair leased A321s were in India and Arabia .. The company flew with two leased aircraft from the Airbus A320 family, one leased by the Turkish Bestair Airbus A321 and a hired by the Bulgarian BH Air A320, already was brought back in early 2008 due to unpaid lease payments to the lessor. Shortly thereafter, in April 2008, was also brought for the same reason the only remaining aircraft of Mihin Lanka from the leasing company out of the country and the Earth-bound high loss-making company, for aircraft defect. Shortly afterwards, a restart should take place with a slightly modified concept, which was prevented due mainly to lack of aircraft. The staff was also not paid.

In June 2008, it managed a good 19 year old airplane Airbus A320 in the lease to be found. However, this machine was never put into operation and terminated the lease of. The relaunch of the low cost airline was eventually carried out on 1 January 2009 with a run by the French Transavia Boeing 737-800. The first route was between Dubai and Colombo, routes to India followed shortly thereafter. Once again, the company was absolutely unsuccessful and extremely deficient, so the passenger load factor beginning of the year was just almost a quarter, partially started flights without passengers. The loss was about Rs one million daily

The Boeing 737-800 was replaced in April by a leased Airbus A320 which came from the SriLankan and was built in 1991. The end of 2009 was followed by another Airbus A320 into the fleet of Mihin Lanka. The short term thus grown to two aircraft fleet of the low cost airline was shortly afterwards reduced to an airplane than the Airbus adopted by SriLankan A320 in April 2009, was retired. At the end of 2010, however, an Airbus A321 was integrated into the fleet.

Furthermore, the airline is economically an absolutely uneconomic companies should since entering in 2007 for the very small airline until 31 January 2012, losses of Rs 8.3 billion incurred. Other sources speak of higher losses at the airline in the amount of Rs 13 Billarden


From its base in Colombo Mihin Lanka flies a handful of destinations. The main focus is on routes to the Middle East, serving the workers movement, as well as to India, where also several objectives are served. In addition, there are routes to the Maldives or for example to Bangladesh.


As of July 2013, the fleet of Mihin Lanka consists of three aircraft with an average age of 8.9 years:

  • 2 Airbus A320 -200
  • 1 Airbus A321 -200