Mihr - Narseh was a politician and military in the Sassanian Empire.

Mihr - Narseh was a politician and general during the reign of the great kings Yazdegerd I, Bahram V and Yazdegerd II He described himself in an inscription from Firuzabad as vuzurg - framadar (Great military leader ), while the simple designation only framadar for a military leader had.

(: The warrior leaders such as not using arteštaran salar, translated) attributed to administrative, religious and military in the tradition, the creation of important offices it is. According to Tabari, he made ​​his sons Zurvandad, Mah - Gušnasp and Kadar (translated: Top of the farmers ) in the offices of a herbedan herbed, vastaryošan salar (translated: Supreme basic tax collector ) or a arteštaran salar. Armenian sources report that Mihr - Narseh under Yadzegerd II had great interest in the attempt to make Zoroastrianism the state religion. From the name of one of his sons ( Zurvandad ) and the planting of 12,000 trees by Mihr - Narseh, we concluded that this probably followers of Zurvanismus was ( the number of trees pointing in the direction of the world speculations of age Zervanismus ). Mihr - Narseh should also founded several fire sanctuaries in the province of Fars.

Was he working under Bahram V nor as free servants in the Fire Temple, so he had to Yazdegerd II for an offense as a temple slave on a royal domain, but allowed under Peroz I serve there as a freelance again.