Mikael Stanne

Mikael Bengt Stanne ( born May 28, 1974 in Gothenburg ) is a Swedish singer and guitarist. Since 1994 he is the lead singer of the band Dark Tranquillity.


Stanne belonged in 1989 to the founding members of the band Septic Broiler, who later changed their name to Dark Tranquillity. At first he was the rhythm guitarist and background vocalist. In 1994, he helped the band In Flames as a singer and can be heard on the debut album of In Flames - Lunar Strain. But Contrary to popular belief, he was never a member of In Flames. Between 1993 and 1996 Stanne was lead singer of the power metal band Hammerfall. After he was unable to keep an appointment Hammerfall at a rock competition, he left the band and was replaced by Joacim Cans. After the original Dark Tranquillity vocalist Anders Fridén left the band and moved to In Flames, Mikael Stanne was the new Dark Tranquillity vocalist.

In 2005 Stanne stepped on the Nightrage album Descent into chaos along with the at-the - Gates - singer Tomas Lindberg as a guest vocalist on. In September 2010, he was heard in the song Weather the Storm of the Finnish band Insomnium, with whom he was with Dark Tranquillity at this time on a European tour.


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