Mike Joyce (musician)

Mike Joyce ( born June 1, 1963 in Chorlton -on- Medlock, Manchester ) is a British musician. He was 1982-1987 drummer of the band The Smiths.

Previously, Joyce played in the punk band The Hoax and the Irish band Victim. He is best known as the drummer of the indie rock band The Smiths. After the Smiths, he accompanied the singer Morrissey 's solo career and first at Sinéad O'Connor. He was a member of the Buzzcocks in 1989, played in 1991 for Julian Cope and to 1992 with Public Image Ltd.. In 1999 he was one of the founders of Aziz, with whom he recorded the album Middle Road. Joyce now plays drums in several bands at 2008, about AutoKAT. He currently hosts a radio show and DJ in clubs.


  • Inside the Smiths, DVD, 2007