Mike Newton (racing driver)

Mike Newton ( born April 14, 1960 in Manchester, England ) is an English businessman and race car driver.

Professional life

In 1982, Mike Newton, the company Dedicated Micros to develop, manufacture and marketing of video surveillance systems. In 1997, the parent company of AD Holdings plc was founded, whose leadership Mike Newton took over. With a turnover of 73 million pounds in 2003, it is one of the largest companies in the video surveillance industry.

Racing career

Beginnings in motorsport

Mike Newton began his motorsport career in 1985 with the participation in races of brand Championship Formula Ford in 1600. 1995 he took second place in the championship of the Champion of Outlan. 1996 and 1997, he scored a place among the top four. In parallel, he start in various mountain race and national sprint race with a machine gun. In addition, Newton several years was active as a marshal in 1987.


In 2003, Newton in the FIA GT and met Thomas Erdos, with whom he henceforth often shared a car. There she piloted a Saleen S7R for Graham Nash Motorsport. The best result of the driver pairing were two fourth place finishes in the 500 - km race at Donington and Oschersleben. In addition, both drove reinforced by Pedro Chaves and Miguel Ramos, the 24- hour race at Spa -Francorchamps and reached number five in its class. The following year, both Newton and Erdos switched to RML and played one more season on a Saleen S7 -R. The best finish in the 2004 season was a sixth place at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo. At the 24 - hour race at Spa they drove together with Miguel Ramos and Chris Goodwin, the second Saleen S7 -R piloted by RML until then in the championship. The car was made after racing half- time with an engine failure. Overall Erdos collected 16.5 points and finished at the end of the season ranked twelfth in the championship. Then he and Erdos switch was finally in the Le Mans Series.

Le Mans Series

The team of Ray Mallock Newton joined in 2003, in addition to the commitment in the FIA ​​GT, even the 1000- km race at Le Mans. Together with Thomas Erdos and Chris Goodwin he drove an MG Lola EX257 - but could not finish the race due to a gearbox failure. The individual race in November resulted in the Le Mans Endurance Series, in which he took up again with Erdos EX257 in 2004. During the season, Newton gained constant points and finished the championship in fifth place of the LMP1 Kagetorie. The next year he and Erdos remained in the series, but changed with the new MG Lola EX264 in the small prototype LMP2 class. The duo finished the 1000 km race from Istanbul as class winners, in addition, they occupied two other of the five championship races a place on the podium. However, they beat rival Gareth Evans and Chamberlain -Synergy Motorsport at one point in the team and driver championship. A year later, Newton lost the title just barely. In the 1000 - km race at Jarama his vehicle was a few minutes before the end of the race with an engine failure. Juan Barazi and Michael Vergers now filed a finish to refer to Newton and Erdos in the 2006 season in second place. Despite a class victory and another podium placing the duo were missing at the end of two points in the drivers' and team championship in the LMP2 category. In the Le Mans Series 2007 season, the tide should turn in favor of Erdos and Newton. Although the team did not compete in the Mil Milhas in Interlagos, he and Erdos won the drivers' championship in the LMP2. At the end of season two class victories were in the 1000 km race at Spa and the Nürburgring in his account. In addition, the team collected in three other races total of 36 points. To continue to share a ride to a class victory, RML changed for the 2008 season on a development stage of the car from last year. In contrast to the Porsche RS Spyder, the MG- Lola EX265 but proved not to be sufficiently competitive. The team finished all the races though consistently in the top six cars in the LMP2, the championship but lost prematurely to Jos Verstappen. Therefore, team owner Ray Mallock decided for the last 1000 km race of the season at Silverstone, use a closed prototype. After the end of the season, the team separated from the motor supplier MG and joined the Japanese manufacturer Mazda. So RML ended after six years of involvement with MG. Newton stated that primarily led the lack of support from MG to the separation. The choice of the unit turned out to be ultimately wrong decision. In the five championship races of the 2009 season he and Erdos finished only two races without engine damage. The engine could not cope with the changes at the beginning of the season gasoline additives. Although the driver duo finished the last championship race at Silverstone on the podium of LMP2, but the team collected by the engine change several times necessary more penalty points as a counter and therefore ended the year as the bottom of the class. Like all other customer teams from Mazda AER RML also changed for the 2010 season to a different motor supplier. However, the team finished as opposed to competition from a contract with the manufacturer Honda, which had the engine under the name Acura so far mainly used in the Acura ARX -01. Newton and Erdos were also supports up mid-season by Andy Wallace. Then took over Ben Wallace Collins. So the trio ended all championship races on scoring points, the team also won the 1000- km race in Algarve. The continuity brought him Erdos and again at the end of the title as LMP2 champion of a series.

24 - hour race at Le Mans

2003 Newton made ​​his first appearance at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. He, Pedro Chaves and Thomas Erdos were reported in the GTS class on a Saleen S7 -R by Graham Nash Motorsport, fell in the race but with an engine failure prematurely. In 2004, Erdos, Newton and Nathan Kinch went for a RML Le Mans prototype. The team went from the 13th starting position in the race, but the race had to retire early with a major engine damage. As in the Le Mans Series drove Erdos and Newton, 2005 in Le Mans, an MG Lola EX264 - in the small prototype class. The duo of Warren Hughes was supported. In his first finish in three years, he drove to victory in the LMP2 class and 20th overall. 2006 defended Newton and Erdos along with Andy Wallace the result. The trio was eighth in the standings, Newton's second class win and the best overall results ever. In the following two years, the successful driver trio from 2006 remained intact, although the result could not be repeated. During the EX264 had to be abandoned in the 2007 race with a piston damage, collided his teammate Erdos 2008 in the fourth round with the Lola B07/10 by Greg Pickett. The mechanics were able to repair the battered car and send Andy Wallace back on track. Nevertheless, Wallace came after a few rounds back to the pits and Ray Mallock pulled the car back out of the race. For the course in the following year the driver pairing has been slightly Modified, rather than Wallace had apprehended Chris Dyson in the control of the Lola - Mazda coupe with engine. The trio will lay until Sunday morning at the fourth place in the LMP2 class, but had to leave early the vehicle after an engine failure in the 273 round. After Newton now failed three years in a row, he was able to show in 2010 with a podium in the LMP2 category again a target arrival.

Le Mans results

24 - hour race at Daytona

Together with Tom Herridge, Chris Ellis and Marco Attard Newton took in 2002 at the 24 - hour race at Daytona in part, but could the race after an accident with his Porsche 996 GT3 R in the eighth hour non stop. At the end of the Grand -Am season, he raced again in Daytona. In the three -hour race, he won the GTS category with a Saleen S7 -R. The next job in Daytona followed in 2003. He drove together with Rob Wilson, David Gooding and Martyn Konig a Porsche 996 GT3 -R. However, the vehicle had after 211 rounds of an engine failure and retired. The following year he drove for Michael Shank Racing on a Doran JE4. This first use in a Daytona Prototype denied Newton on the side of Thomas Erdos, Kelly Collins and Cort Wagner. He finished the race in seventh place overall, while the team just missed a podium finish in the DP class. The following year, Erdos and Newton were again together. Like last year, both piloted a Doran JE4, in 2005 but strengthened by Burt and Brian Frisselle. After 523 rounds strike the transmission of the set Synergy Motorsports Doran, so the team had to give up the car. 2006 Newton paused and continued in the following year for Cheever Racing. In addition to Newton attacked Thomas Erdos, Eddie Cheever Jr. and Harrison Brix the wheel of the Fabcar FDSC/03. After 579 laps, the team finished the race in 18th place in the DP class. In 2008, Newton and Erdos competed in America. Newton started the race at the Coyote CC/08 and handed over to Erdos, who had to leave their vehicles in the 49th round with a major engine damage later.

Success statistics

  • 2005: Winner of the LMP2 class in the 24- hour race at Le Mans
  • 2006: Winner of the LMP2 class in the 24- hour race at Le Mans
  • 2007: Le Mans Series driver and team champion of the LMP2
  • 2010: Le Mans Series driver and team champion of the LMP2