Mike Rutherford

Michael John Crawford Cleote "Mike" Rutherford ( born October 2, 1950 in Guildford, Surrey ) is the bass player, guitarist and songwriter of the British band Genesis and Mike & the Mechanics.


At the age of seven he was placed in a boarding school, where he learned to play the guitar from his parents bestowed upon him over the years. When he was fourteen, he moved to the Charterhouse School, where he met his future bandmates Anthony Phillips. With it, he founded the school band Anon, which merged later in Genesis.

From 1969 to 1997, Genesis produced numerous successful boards in which Rutherford was often mittätig as a songwriter. In the progressive rock era of Genesis with Peter Gabriel as a singer, he was primarily responsible for the electric bass, but he also took some guitar parts. Until the 1980s, he often used zweihälsige Guitars ( Double Neck ), which were equipped with an electric bass and an electric guitar. Rutherford is also known for the use of the bass pedal synthesizer Dewtron Mister Bassman (up to 1975) and Moog Taurus ( from 1976).

After the departure of Peter Gabriel as a singer and guitarist Steve Hackett as the main Rutherford took over the lead guitar in Genesis. In the studio, he recorded both bass and guitar; at concerts, the band by guitarist Daryl Stuermer was reinforce.

In the years 1980 and 1982 he published two stylistically quite different solo albums, but they were not commercially successful. He also contributed the song Making a big Mistake for the soundtrack of the film at Against All Odds. The self sung by Rutherford title was released as a B-side from various singles of the soundtrack album, including with Against All Odds ( Take a Look at Me Now) by Phil Collins or Walk thru the Fire by Peter Gabriel. He also produced the 1985 debut album by the band Red 7, the singer Gene Stashuk also occurs on the first Mechanics album.

In early 1986, he landed with his band Mike & the Mechanics together with the singers Paul Carrack and Paul Young the worldwide hit Silent Running ( On Dangerous Ground ). Both Genesis and Mike & the Mechanics, he played in the 1980s and 1990s, still a lot of successful drives.

After numerous speculations about a Genesis Reunion Rutherford, Banks and Collins announced on 7 November 2006 at a press conference a joint world tour for 2007 - in time for the forty-year -anniversary. After the tour, Genesis de facto dissolved.

But in April 2011, another album with Mike & the Mechanics was published under the title The Road.

Rutherford lives in southern England and is also a polo player with a handicap of 0

Rutherford's guitar playing

As a bassist Rutherford with its distinctive, innovative and technically demanding style of play influenced progressive rock in the 1970s decisively. Rutherford's bass lines earlier Genesis days are among the most creative and most complex of the progressive rock genre. His guitar playing, however, is rather minimalist, for artful guitar solos Rutherford is not known. Impressive is a passage from the song Driving The Last Spike, where he played from 06:00 for three minutes practically the same chord. Short concise riffs at Land Of Confusion, Turn It On Again or Abacab are its strength. In professional circles, he may still be considered as a solid, but little virtuoso guitarist. During concerts, he often plays a double-neck guitar, with a portion of a - usually 12 -string - guitar and a part consists of a bass.

Rutherford mainly plays bass guitar from Rickenbacker and Shergold. Together with the English luthier Roger Giffin, he developed the Steinberger M- series, which he played preferably in the 1980s and during the Invisible Touch tour with Genesis.

Filmography ( music)

Mike Rutherford Discography ( Albums )

  • Smallcreep's Day ( 1980) ( UK # 13, U.S. # 163; NOR # 30)
  • Acting Very Strange (1982) ( UK # 23, CAN # 32, U.S. # 145)

Discography Mike Rutherford ( Singles )

  • Moonshine (1980 )
  • Time and Time Again (1980 )
  • Working in Line ( 1980)
  • Maxine (1982) ( CAN # 37, U.S. # 39)
  • Halfway There ( 1982)
  • Acting Very Strange (1982 )

Discography Mike & the Mechanics

  • Mike and the Mechanics (1985 )
  • Living Years (1988 )
  • Word of Mouth (1991 )
  • Beggar on a beach of Gold (1995 )
  • Hits (1996 )
  • Mike and the Mechanics (1999)
  • Rewired (2004)
  • The Road (2011)