Mikhail Mil

Mikhail Leontyevich Mil (Russian Михаил Леонтьевич Миль, scientific transliteration Mikhail Mil Leont'evič '; * 9 Novemberjul / November 22 1909greg in Irkutsk, .. † January 31, 1970 in Moscow ) was one of the best known Russian helicopter designers.

Life and work

Mil graduated from the early 1930s to study at the Aviation Institute in Novocherkassk. During the semester break, he worked as an assistant of Kamov and Skrshinski at the Giro KASKR and entered upon receipt of the diploma in 1931 in the Department of Special constructions of TsAGI, where Kamov was busy one. There he worked on various lifting and gyroplane projects. In 1936 he designed together with Nikolai Skrshinksi the TsAGI A -12 Autogiro. The following year, Mil published a work on " the aerodynamics of the lag screw in the turn ", which also appeared in German and English. 1939 Mil was appointed deputy Kamows. After the outbreak of the Second World War, he served for a time as an engineer in the first Soviet Giro Season formed from TsAGI A-7.

1943 Mil candidate of technical sciences and received his doctorate in 1945. In ZAGI he was appointed shortly thereafter became the head of the Laboratory. Until then, he had been involved in 14 stroke and gyroplane projects.

He was awarded in December 1947 a private, named after him design office, where he developed the highly successful helicopter Mi -1. It was followed by such well-known as the helicopter Mi-8, Mi -12 and Mi- the 24th