Milan (1967 film)

  • Nutan: Radha
  • Sunil Dutt: Gopi
  • Jamuna: Gauri
  • Pran: Rajendra
  • Surendra Nath: Radha's father
  • Shyama: Gauri's stepmother
  • Leela Mishra: Nani
  • Mukri: Jaggu
  • David Abraham: Lecture Amusing man at college

Milan is one of the most successful Bollywood film of the 60s and the seventh most successful film released in 1967.


The two students Gopi and Radha get married after their successful college completion. Then they spend their honeymoon in a village near the Ganges. Suddenly, during a boat trip, Gopi has a vision ...

Years before her birth, the ferryman Gopi and the college student Radha lived in this village. Every day he brings Radha with his boat to college. Although they come from different castes, both shared a deep friendship.

One day Radha's uncle Rajendra appears, the trouble begins: Rajendra attention is drawn to the brash village girl Gauri who is more interested in Gopi however. This escapes Rajendra not want Gopi and therefore wipe out one. He arranges Radha's marriage to the wealthy Ram Vishwanath Rai.

As soon as the couple married, Radha's husband dies. She returns again as a widow in her parents' home and learns of the serious illness of her father. After so much bad luck, she feels even more attracted Gopi. Due to Gauri is still jealous. To leave it all behind, Radha and Gopi flee by boat and drowned during a violent whirlpool. After this tragedy Radha and Gopi stand before the grave of the two unfortunate lovers. The happier they are to have found themselves in this life.



Filmfare Award 1968

  • Filmfare Award / Best Actress at Nutan
  • Filmfare Award / Best Supporting Actress at Jamuna
  • Filmfare Award / Best Music of Laxmikant Pyarelal -


  • Filmfare Award / Best Film to L. V. Prasad
  • Filmfare Award / Best Director at Subba Rao Adurthi
  • Filmfare Award / Best Actor at Sunil Dutt
  • Filmfare Award / Best lyrics Anand Bakshi at Sawan Ka Mahina for
  • Filmfare Award / Best playback singer Mukesh at Sawan Ka Mahina for
  • Filmfare Award / Best playback singer Lata Mangeshkar on Sawan Ka Mahina for