Milena, Sicily

Milena is a municipality of the province of Caltanissetta in the Italian region Sicily, with 3151 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012).

Location and data

Milena is situated 45 km west of Caltanissetta. The inhabitants are employed in agriculture as well as the potassium and rock salt mining.

The neighboring municipalities are Bompensiere, Campofranco, Grotte (AG), Racalmuto ( AG) and Sutera.


The town was first mentioned in the 13th century. 1923 was the present-day municipality of the districts Milocca (previously Sutera ) and San Biaggio (previously Campofranco ). They first called Milocca. In 1933 she was renamed after Milena of Montenegro, the mother of the Italian king Victor Emmanuel III.



The parish church from the 19th century stands on the main square of the village. A Antiquarium exhibits finds from the area, for example, from two graves in Hidos from the 12th - 10th Century BC.

To the east lies the village of Milena and the Monastery of San Martino. This was built in the 18th century.


Milena is twinned with the French commune of Aix -les- Bains in the department of Savoie.