Miles Conway Moore

Miles Conway Moore ( born April 17, 1845 in Rix Mills, Ohio; † December 18, 1919 in Walla Walla, Washington ) was an American politician and 1889, the 14th and last territorial governor of Washington Territory.

Early years

At the age of 12 years, Moore moved with his family to Wisconsin. There he attended the Bronson Institute for six years. In those years he heard of the expedition to the West, of which he was fascinated. Then he made ​​himself on the way to the west. About Montana he came to the Washington Territory. In Walla Walla, he worked as a store clerk. Since 1869 he was employed by the commercial firm Paine, Brothers & Moore, acting with general merchandise and agricultural inputs. As a result, Moore was elected twice to the city council of Walla Walla and in 1877 he became mayor of this place. After his one-year tenure, he has been renowned in the grain trade.

Territorial Governor

After the inauguration of the new Republican President Benjamin Harrison in March 1889 all government posts were filled by its partisans. These included the territorial governors. In this context, Moore was appointed in April 1889 as the new governor. His tenure was very short and only went up to November this year. At this time the state of Washington was officially incorporated as a state in the United States. Moore prepared the transfer of the territory to a state with in the few months of his term. In this period, cities Spokane, Seattle and Ellensburg were destroyed by fires and the governor had to request help from the entire territory of the United States and even from abroad.

Other CV

After the end of his governorship was Moore Vice President of the Baker - Boyer National Bank. In 1899 he was even president of this bank. Between 1909 and 1912 he was a member of the Executive Board of the American Bankers Association. Moore was interested in the further development of his country. Since 1872 Miles Moore was married to Mary Elizabeth Baker. He died in December 1919.