Miles Franklin

Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin, shortly Miles Franklin ( born October 14, 1879 in Talbingo, New South Wales, † September 19, 1954 in Drummoyne, New South Wales) was an Australian writer. The prestigious Miles Franklin Literary Award Literary Prize is awarded annually from your estate.


The eldest daughter of John Maurice and Margaret Susannah Helena Franklin finished her first novel, My Brilliant Career at age 20, after working for two years as a governess. A publication in Australia was rejected, so that only two years later, in 1901, the first edition of this book was published in London. In addition to its intensive contacts with other Australian writers such as Joseph Furphy and Henry Lawson, she worked as a freelance journalist for several newspapers.

She saw the letter as their way to independence and left Australia in 1906 in the USA. While they continued to work on her writing career there, she was the next nine years for the National Women's Trade Union League active in Chicago. In 1915 she moved to London, where she lived until 1927. During this time she worked as a volunteer for the Scottish Women 's Hospitals for Foreign Service. After only about two years between temporal stay in Australia in 1929, she returned back to London, especially to find publishers for their works.

However, after her father's death in 1932, she returned permanently to Australia, and was one of the most important personalities of the literary scene in Sydney. Convinced of the independence of Australian literature, she sat down, inter alia, for the promotion of new publications and young authors.


  • My Brilliant career in 1901
  • Some Everyday Folk and Dawn, 1909
  • The Net of Circumstance, 1915
  • Old Blastus of Bandicoot, 1931
  • Bring the Monkey, 1933
  • All That Swagger, 1936
  • My Career Goes Bung, 1946
  • Prelude to Waking, 1950