Mile#Statute mile

Called the mile, formerly "English mile ", " country mile " or English statute mile is a unit of length in the United Kingdom and the United States. It is exactly 1609.344 meters.


1 mile = 1,609.344 meters ( since July 1, 1959)

Old definitions

1 mile = 8 Furlong = 320 poles = 5,280 feet

Until the unification of the Anglo-American system of measurement the mile in the Commonwealth of Nations and the United States was defined slightly differently. However, both definitions were based on a British statute of 1593, which the mile with 5280 feet defined (English " A Mile Shall containment eight furlongs, every furlong pole forty, and every Pole Shall containment sixteen Foot and helped to. "). Therefore, the so -defined mile was often referred to as a statute mile.

However, since the definition of the foot slightly ( by 6 microns ) differed from each other ( A British foot corresponded 0.999998 U.S. feet), and the miles had a correspondingly different length from each other.

Since the unification of the international mile is defined with 1,609.344 m. The definition previously used in the U.S. is only in land surveying to the U.S. application is called and corresponding survey mile 1609.347 m.


1 mile = 63,360 inches = 5.280 feet = 1.760 yards = 1,609.344 meters