Milford Haven

Milford Haven ( Welsh: Aberdaugleddau ) is a town in Pembrokeshire in Wales with 14,000 inhabitants. The oil refinery Murco is the most important industrial company in the area. More refineries of Esso and Gulf were shut down or partially shut down. On their grounds liquefied (LNG ) and intermediate storage tanks are to cover 30 % of UK gas demand. The sister city of Milford Haven is Romilly- sur -Seine in France.

Milford Haven is also the name of the great natural harbor, as the second largest natural harbor to Port Jackson, Sydney Harbour, is considered with 20 meters depth.


In the 18th century it was a center of whaling, and thus became an important port.


Worth seeing are the large natural harbor and the marina of the city. In addition, the city also has a 1863 finished fortress (Fort Hubberstone ) and a cultural and Maritime Museum. The nearby public Coast National Park with its sandy beaches and cliffs attracts many vacationers.


Most of the traffic is to the south on the waters of Milford Haven site, which is navigated by steamers, oil tankers and yachts.