Military Intelligence Directorate (Syria)

The Department of Military Intelligence ( Arabic شعبة المخابرات العسكرية, DMG Šu asked ʿ al - Muhabarat al - ʿ askariyya ) is a news service of Syria was established in 1969. It is Syria's military intelligence service and is located in the Department of Defense in Damascus.

The service is responsible for

  • Military surveillance and operational planning,
  • Military and logistical support of Palestinian, Lebanese and Turkish paramilitary organizations such as Hamas,
  • Supervision and execution of attacks on political dissidents abroad,
  • Coordination of the Syrian and Lebanese troops in Lebanon until their withdrawal in 2005.

The current head of service is General Abdallatif Qudsiyya. The decisions are made according to rumors, however, General Assef Shavkat, Qudsiyyas predecessor and brother of President Bashar al -Assad.

Other Syrian intelligence

  • Political Security Directorate
  • Idarat al - Amn al - Amm
  • Directorate of the Air Force Intelligence