MIM-72 Chaparral

The MIM -72 Chaparral was a U.S. short-range air defense missile system. The vehicle is also referred to as M-48 chaparral.


In the 1960s, negotiated the UK and the USA inconclusive on the introduction of a common short-range air defense missile system, called the Mauler. As a result, separate solutions were realized. While the British developed a completely new design with the Rapier system, tried the Americans to make an existing system suitable for the ground -to-air use - the result was the Chaparral system.


As a basis for the Chapparal rocket used was a modified for ground-air defense air -to-air Sidewinder missile. Four Chapparal missiles were mounted on the chassis of the M113 armored personnel carrier. Originally the missile was aimed and fired after the IR seeker had taken up the target on the approaching target. In later years, a fire control radar was added in order to effectively engage targets even with poor visibility can. An additional search radar had to be given if carried separately.

Technical data of the rocket

  • Length of the rocket: 2.87 m
  • Diameter: 127 mm
  • Warhead: 10.2 kg with proximity fuze
  • Start weight: 88.5 kg
  • Maximum range: 4000 m