Mina, Saudi Arabia

21.41349839.893811Koordinaten: 21 ° 24 ' 49 " N, 39 ° 53' 38" E

MINA (Arabic منى ), sometimes also vocalized Muna, is a valley east of the city of Mecca on the way to ʿ Arafat, in which hosts an important part of the Islamic Hajj ritual.

The Islamic pilgrimage rules provide that the pilgrims embark on 8 Dhu al - Hijjah to Mina and stay there. This is normally done in tent cities that are specially created for the Hajj in Mina. After Wuquf in ʿ Arafat and Muzdalifah, the pilgrims return on the 10th of Dhu al - Hijjah to Mina. From the Jamarat Bridge toss until 12 Dhu al - Hijjah daily pebbles against three so-called Jamarat to symbolically stoning the devil, who is said to have here tempted by Islamic faith Abraham. Traditionally, the Jamarat were obelisk -like stone pillars, since 2004, these pillars have been replaced by long walls, as people inadvertently had been taken on the opposite side of the stones when throwing stones at the pillars often. This was a major factor in the constantly erupting here crowd disasters, which repeatedly many people were killed.

The most striking building in Mina is the Chaif ​​Mosque ( مسجد الخيف / masǧid al - Haif ). It was built before the 10th century and renewed again and again over the centuries. The mosque is said to have Pre-Islamic origins. According to a tradition, which is attributed to the Prophet's companions ʿ Abd Allāh ibn ʿ Abbās, in the Chaif ​​Mosque seventy prophets have prayed.