Minamoto no Shunrai

Minamoto no Toshiyori (Japanese源 俊 頼, or in a respectful reading Minamoto no Shunrai; * 1055 on Kyushu; † January 29, 1129 ) was a Japanese waka poet and courtier. He was the third son of Minamoto no Tsunenobu.

Toshiyori spent the first forty years of his life in his birthplace on Kyushu, where his father Minamoto no Tsunenobu acted as governor. Then he came to the court of Tennō Horikawa. He was considered eccentric and never achieved a higher courtly office or a title.

Toshiyori was known as the innovator of waka poetry. Famous were his disputes with his ultra-conservative competitors Fujiwara no Mototoshi. Horikawa commissioned the compilation of the imperial waka collection Kin'yō - Wakashū, which was completed around 1127. At the age he was a teacher and mentor of the poet Fujiwara no Toshinari, who always showed him the greatest respect. His son Shun'e Hōshi was known as a poet.


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