Mindel at Dirlewang

The Mindel is a 78 km long right tributary of the Danube in the district of East and Unterallgäu.


The Mindel springs north of Mindelberg (market Oberguenzburg ), east of Ronsberg, west of Kaufbeuren at the Mindelmühle and always flows in a northerly direction through the districts of Lower Allgäu and Günzburg. In Grundremmingen ( Günzburg ) Mindel flows into the Danube. On the last 500 meters upstream of the mouth below the Danube hydropower plant Gundelfingen the Mindel still flows through the district of Dillingen on the Danube. The main tributaries are the Kammel and Flossach. For the other direct and indirect tributaries and streams of the Mindel → List of waters in the river system Mindel.

It has a catchment area of 953 km ², a mean water discharge of 10 m³ / s and an average flood discharge of 65 m³ / s 1991 111 m³ / s were measured. Only in the area of the district Günzburg energy is produced in 30 hydropower plants.

The Mindel is in the 31.1 km long section between the mouth area of ​​the Mühlkanals about 500 meters below salt road mill in the municipality Unteregg ( Unterallgäu ) and the mouth of the Flossach in the Mindel south of Mindelzell (municipality Ursberg ) a second-order waters. At the 38.9 km stretch of river from the mouth of Flossach to its confluence with the Danube is the Mindel - but not the little Mindel - a body of water the first order.

The Mindel below the mouth of the Flossach is particularly wide, which can be explained by the fact that the Wertach temporarily whole or in part, by the valleys of the Flossach and the Mindel towards the Danube flowed after the last ice age. Proof of this is that you can find in the Mindel stones, but do occur in the catchment area of the Mindel in the catchment area of Wertach.


This section describes the flow of arms of the Mindel be described by the mouth to the source:

  • South of Mindelzell (municipality Ursberg ) shares the Mindel in the Great Mindel (water first order) and the Small Mindel (water code: 116592; river length: 16.84 km; waters of the second order ). The Small Mindel South of the boar ( Municipal Market Jettingen- Scheppach) united again with the main river.
  • North of other jurisdictions ( district of the city Mindelheim ) separates from the Mindel the Eastern Mindel (water index: 11632; river length: 10.65 km; waters of the second order ) from. South of Hasberg ( Kirchheim in Schwaben) flow the waters part back together.

Places on the Mindel / in Mindel

From south to north:

In the district Ostallgaeu:

  • Market Oberguenzburg: Mindelmühle
  • Market Ronsberg: in the part of the municipal district, located in the Mindel is no village
  • Eggenthal: Benkhofen

In the district of Lower Allgäu region:

  • Unteregg: Hallow's End mill, salt mill road
  • Market Dirlewang: Dirlewang
  • Apfeltrach: Apfeltrach
  • City Mindelheim: Mindelau and Heimenegg (both: on the eastern edge of the Mindel ), Mindelheim, Wet Beuren (not directly to the Mindel ), other jurisdictions
  • Market Pfaffenhausen: Heinzenhof, Pfaffenhausen, Schöneberg
  • Salgen: Hausen, Salgen, Bronnen, Bronnerlehe (all in the Eastern Mindel )
  • Width Brunn: in the part of the municipal district, located in the Mindel is no village
  • Market Kirchheim in Schwaben: Hasberg; Kirchheim, Derndorf and Tiefenried: on the eastern edge of the Mindel

In the district of Günzburg:

  • Aletshausen: only those belonging to Aletshausen district winery is located at the top of Mindeltales
  • Ursberg: Mindelzell, Bayersried, Ursberg, top tube (all the little Mindel )
  • Balzhausen: Balzhausen (not directly to the Mindel )
  • Thannhausen: Thannhausen, Nettershausen (not directly to the Mindel ); Castle ( on the eastern edge of the Mindel )
  • Market Neuburg an der Kammel: in the part of the municipal district, located in the Mindel is no village
  • Market Münsterhausen: Münsterhausen; Hagen Ried and Obernhagen Ried at the Little Mindel
  • Market Burtenbach: Burtenbach
  • Market Jettingen -Scheppach Jettingen, Scheppach
  • Burgau Burgau
  • Dürrlauingen: Mindelaltheim
  • Save Bach: Lüßhof
  • Market Offingen: Offingen
  • Grundremmingen: ( Grundremmingen is not located directly on the Mindel )


  • In April 2003, the Mindel - cycle path was opened.
  • One of the ice ages, namely the Mindelkaltzeit, is named after this river.
  • The name of the Mindel can be derived from the Vindelikern (M and V are interchangeable ).
  • The heritage and folk Trachtenverein Offingen called " d ' Mindelspitzer ".