Mindoro is an island in the western Philippines.


The island has, according to the census of 2000, over 1 million people who speak Tagalog. The largest city is Calapan on the north coast with more than 100,000 inhabitants.


Mindoro, with an area of 9,735 km ², is the seventh largest island of the Philippines, along with smaller islands comprising 10244.50 km ². The island extends over 110 km from north to south and forms a headland to the northwest. In the east-west direction is about 80 km wide. One also running in a north-south direction ridge separates east and west coast. The highest mountain is the Halcon in the North with 2,582 m, in the south of Baco rises. In the northeast, close to the coast of the 10 km long Naujan Lake.

In the north- east is the Philippine main island of Luzon. Directly off the northeast coast are the small islands Verde and Maricaban, in the busy Isla Verde road, and the Calavite - road separates Mindoro from the Lubang Islands in the northwest.

In the west the Mindoro Strait to the Nanga Islands and the larger island of Busuanga covers. The waters just off the coast, in front of the Apo Reef are also called Apo East Passage.

In the south of the island of Ilin is separated only by a narrow, perhaps 500 m wide estuary. In the south, the Sulu Sea, in the southeast, the Tablas Strait and the east of the Sibuyan Sea with the island of Marinduque and the Romblonen begins.


Mindoro is expected to the island group of Luzon, in the center, and Mindanao is the island nation of the Philippines, together with the other two groups Visayas in the south.

The island is divided into two provinces: Oriental Mindoro with the capital Calapan Mindoro Occidental and with Mamburao.

On June 13, 1950 Occidental Mindoro became an independent province of the Philippines, on June 13 In 1959, Oriental Mindoro.

Together with the provinces of Aurora, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Marinduque, Palawan, Quezon, Rizal and Romblon to the Philippine region Both provinces include IV Both provinces will work together with Romblon and Marinduque to the District IV -B or Mimaropa summarized (formerly MIMAROPA ).


On the island of Mindoro these places are worth a visit: Aroma Beach, Laymon Beach, White Iceland, the lake Naujan, Puerto Galera and the Tamaraw Falls. Then there is the small island diving Pandan Iceland on the west coast of the cargo port city Sablayan. From here you have the shortest shipping route to Apo Reef, which is counted among the world's best dive sites.


On the island there are three national parks, Mount Iglit Baco National Park, the Lake Naujan National Park and the Mount Calavite Wildlife Sanctuary, the rare animal species such as the Tamarau, the Mindorokuckuck, the Mindoro Warty Pig, Mindoro Rat and the Mindoro Dagger -heart serve as a habitat. Also Panay monitor lizard were seen. In the municipality of Rizal, a breeding center for the largest mammal in the Philippines has been established, the Tamarau.


Rice, coconut, fruit, wheat and vegetables are the agricultural products of Mindoro.

Marble, gypsum, feldspar, manganese, copper and barite occur in the form of natural resources.