Minguo calendar

The Minguo calendar (Chinese民国 纪元, Pinyin Mínguó Jiyuan ) is a calendar that is currently used in the Republic of China. He was also used on mainland China from 1912 to the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949.

It follows the imperial tradition to use the Äranamen of the ruler and duration of the rule. Official documents of the Republic of China will be the first year (民国 元年, Mínguó yuánnián ) used in 1912, the year of the founding of the Republic of China. 2014, hence the " 103 Year of the Republic " (民国 一百 零 一年= 101 years of the Republic). As Chinese Äranamen are traditionally two characters long ,民国(Republic of ) is used as an abbreviation for中华民国(Republic of China).

The beginning of the year is January 1. The length of the months, and the switching control are the same as in the Gregorian Calendar. The only difference is, the smaller 1911 year.

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North Korean calendar

Because North Korean founder Kim Il-sung was born in 1912, who used in North Korea since 2003 Juche calendar has the same census years. Also in the Juche calendar the year begins on January 1 and the switching rules have also been adopted by the Gregorian calendar.

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