Miniature railway

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In a miniature railway is a narrow gauge iron or model train, which is intended for passenger transport within a park or amusement parks for a fee. The track width is sufficient (with a few exceptions) of 381 mm (15 inches) to 610 mm (24 inches / 2 feet). Passengers can here, because of the size of the rolling stock, like a real railroad in vehicle be transported sitting. Some of these tracks form a model car from a concrete historical precedent, others are more comparable to a light railway or public narrow gauge railway.


The transition to smaller garden railway is fluid. While this is usually set up in the private sector and is a form of model railway in the park train the pleasure trip for anyone in the foreground. There is also parking at railways not necessarily the claim, a concrete model faithfully reproduce in miniature. Park railways are usually built up firmly. Widely used is a track width of 381 mm (15 inches), which is compared with the other gauges railways or even narrow gauge railways very narrow, as is often a gauge of 600 mm, which is more like a light railway.

It can be found all forms of traction, it come true little steam locomotives, diesel locomotives and electric locomotives with overhead line and Akkumulatorantrieb used.

There are also removable Park railways, as the ride - be built on public festivals and are often referred to as children railways - especially for children. Legally valid parking railways as a non- state-owned railways (unless they are licensed as railway) similar to those at a carnival (which approval and operation much easier ) or as rides.

Many parking railways ski down a circular course in which only a single station alighting and boarding is possible to keep some within a circular course or commute at several stations, partially independent of the route of uniform fare will be charged.

Pioneer railways

The concept of Pioneer Railway originates from the Eastern Bloc and was used for parking trains that were operated by youth organizations like a real railroad. Here, the use was seen as a preparation for the job. The term pioneer railway instead of the term Parkeisenbahn is actually to consider only the historical context but is colloquially still familiar.

List of Park Railways

  • Kleinspurigere Railways ( Garden Railways ) can be found at List of garden railways,
  • Former Industrie-/Feldbahnen with museum operations under list of field railway museums and railways with driving.
  • In grotto railways such as haunted houses, the scenery outside the car is at the forefront of the experience.




Great Britain



Eastern EU countries

Russia, Belarus, Ukraine



  • Harbin Nangang District, no. 295, Gogol Avenue, Children's Park, opened on June 1, 1956


  • Kanagawa, Matsuda, Ashigarakami district, Matsudayama Herb Garden Prefecture


Central Asia


Costa Rica

  • Nuevo Arenal, Pequeña Helvetica ( Little Switzerland ), 3.5 km long railway


  • Woodstock ( New Brunswick), Iceland Park Railway, 16 1/ 2 in (419 mm)


  • Lima, district Sucro, Parque de la Amistad, 500 mm


  • Colorado, Canyon City, Royal Gorge
  • Indiana, east of Chicago in New Buffalo, Michigan (but located in Indiana ), Hesston Steam Museum, Hesston Steam Museum and Garden Railway
  • Indiana, La Porte, Poco Loco Railroad
  • California, Los Angeles -Venice, Venice Beach, Venice Miniature Railway 457 mm, 1943-1968
  • California, at Berkeley (California), Tilden Regional Park, Redwood Valley Railway, 381 mm
  • California, Folsom, Folsom Valley Railway, 305 mm
  • California, Los Gatos, Tilden Regional Park, Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad, 457 mm, steam and diesel, opened in 1970
  • California, Santa Barbara Zoo
  • Kansas, 305 mm, C & H Railroad
  • Maryland, Rockville, 7410 Tuckerman Lane, Cabin John Regional Park, Cabin John Miniature Train,
  • Michigan, Bridgeport, 7065 Dixie Highway, Junction Valley Railroad
  • Michigan, Fairview, 230 S Abbe Rd, Michigan AuSable Valley Railroad, 406 mm (16 inches)
  • Michigan, Tahquamenon Falls, Toonerville Trolley, 610 mm (24 inches)
  • Missouri, St. Louis, Six Flags
  • Missouri, Glencoe at Wildwood (Missouri ), Venice Beach, Wabash Frisco and Pacific Railroad 305 mm
  • Missouri, St. Louis Zoo, 1963
  • Oregon, Deadwood, Meadows & Lake Kathleen Railroad, 457 mm with 1.6 km in length
  • Oregon, Portland, Washington Park and Zoo Railway, 762 mm with 3.2 km in length, opened in 1958
  • Pennsylvania, at Collegeville, Collegeville and Southern Railway, 457 mm, since 2004
  • Texas, Austin, William Barton Dr Zilker Park, Zilker Zephyr, 305 mm
  • Texas, San Antonio, San Antonio Zoo, Brackenridge Eagle since 1956
  • Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County Zoo, starting from 1958?
  • Washington Wenatchee, 155 N. Worthen Street, Wenatchee Riverfront Railway

Australia and New Zealand


New Zealand