• SPÖ: 10
  • ÖVP: 4
  • FPÖ: 1

Minihof -Liebau (Slovenian Suhi Mlin, Hungarian Liba ) is a market town in the district Jenner village in Burgenland in Austria with 1085 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013).

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The municipality is located in southern Burgenland.

Community structure

The municipality comprises the three villages (in brackets population as of 31 October 2011):

  • Minihof -Liebau (327 )
  • Tauka (327 )
  • Windisch- Minihof ( 468 )

The municipality comprises the cadastral Minihof- Liebau, Tauka and Windisch Minihof.


The place was like the rest of Burgenland to 1920/21 Hungary ( German West Hungary). Since 1898, had to be used because of Magyarization the government in Budapest the Hungarian name Liba. After the end of World War II German West Hungary was awarded in the Treaties of St. Germain and Trianon in 1919 Austria after tough negotiations. The place belongs since 1921 to the newly founded State of Burgenland (see also history of Burgenland ).

Market town is Minihof -Liebau since 1990.




Mayor Helmut Sampt of the SPÖ. Office manager is Karl Shepherds' Fields.

The distribution of seats (15 seats) in the municipal council is SPÖ 10, ÖVP 4, 1 FPÖ

Culture and sights

  • The Protestant Church daughter A. B. Minihof -Liebau
  • Three mills ( Landhofmühle, oil mill, Jost- mill), where it is still ground with old water mills.
  • An interactive adventure, which Kornweg, the summer of 2007 one can visit


  • Willibald Stacherl (* 1947), politician