Minimoog Voyager

The Minimoog Voyager is an analog monophonic synthesizer from the manufacturer Moog Music Inc. (Asheville, North Carolina) and is the successor of the Minimoog.


Unlike its predecessor, the sound parameters of the Voyager are digitally controlled, which can save the settings. However, the tone generation and signal routing are completely analogous.

The Voyager has three oscillators for different waveforms and a noise generator (white / pink noise ). A third oscillator can be used as an additional LFO.

The signals can be mixed and then passed through an analog filter section and an amplifier. Can use a separate channel of the mixer section, like the Minimoog, external audio signals are input.

To save the sound settings are 128 memory locations are available. After a hardware update, the number was increased to seven sound banks of 128 presets, so 896 sounds can be saved.

The Voyager has, in addition to pitch and modulation wheels, a responsive position, contact and contact surface touch pad, can be influenced by various parameters of sound. In addition to the switches and knobs on the front panel many additional settings via the menu system are possible. Thus, both filters can be changed independently to 1, 2, 3 or 4 pole characteristic.

Due to considerable improvements of the oscillator designs with respect to the temperature compensation of the Minimoog Voyager is particularly in tune.