Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

The Keizai Sangyo - shō (Japanese経 済 产业 省, dt " Ministry of Business and Industry ."; Engl Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, dt " Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry", short METI) is a the ministries of the Japanese central government. It emerged in the reform of the central government from a merger of the MITI with the Economic Planning Agency (経 済 企 画 庁, Keizai kikaku -chō ) and departments of other ministries in 2001.

As autonomous authorities ( gaikyoku, " field offices " ) are assigned to the METI, the authority for raw materials and energy, which reports to the Nuclear, the Patent Office and the Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Minister (経 済 产业 大臣, keizai - Sangyo - daijin )