Minnesota Territory

The Minnesota Territory was a historic territory of the United States, which consisted of 3 March 1849 to 11 May 1858, when Minnesota was admitted as 32nd state in the Union.

The original boundaries of the territory included the rest of the Iowa Territory, as well as the current territory of the State of Minnesota and most of the east of the Missouri River located on the territory that later became a part of Dakota Territory. It belonged to it, parts of the Wisconsin Territory, which are not part of the State of Wisconsin were, as this was taken as the 30th state in the Union on May 29, 1848. These areas lay between the Mississippi River and Wisconsin. Further still part of the Arrowhead region of Minnesota Territory.

When the Minnesota Territory was created, the territory encompassed only three cities: St. Paul, St. Anthony (now part of Minneapolis ) and Stillwater. The main territorial institutions were then between the three part: St. Paul was taken to capital; Minneapolis was chosen as the seat of the University of Minnesota and Stillwater was chosen to be the seat of the Minnesota Territorial Prison.