Minolta Maxxum 7000

The Minolta introduced in January 1985 with the Minolta 7000 AF (in the U.S.: Minolta Maxxum AF 7000, in Japan: Minolta α -7000 ), the first SLR with a fully integrated in the housing autofocus system on the market. The entire technology of the camera is controlled by different microprocessors. There was talk at the time of the Sputnik shock of the photographic industry.

Features and Facilities

Other important features of the automatic multi- program selection, program shift, a competent central for all functional information LCD, a connection to the control of the camera through multiple contacts with the lenses and to program flash devices as well as extensive accessories are to be mentioned.

For the new AF lenses with integrated ROM IC, the A-mount was introduced; together with the Minolta 7000 AF Minolta introduced twelve new autofocus lenses; the lens program was then expanded.

For the introduction of the new Minolta bayonet meant a turning point: almost three decades, since the introduction of the SR -2 in 1958, Minolta's first SLR camera, the company had recorded on SR- bayonet. Also on the X - series (X 300, X 500, X 700), Minolta last series of SLR cameras with manual focus, still fit the oldest lenses. With the introduction of the A - bayonet, however, the flange focal length of 43.50 mm to 44.50 mm changed; from the lack of auto-focus aside, it had thus become technically impossible to use the old lenses with the 7000. Unlike the introduction of the autofocus system has solved, for example, Nikon, that held at the usual bayonet. For a transitional period Minolta therefore offered an adapter so that the photographer with a switch from MF to the new AF system did not have to buy all the lenses in one fell swoop new but could continue to use their old equipment first. Flaw here is that the adapter was also a telephoto converter, which doubled all focal lengths, which was not very helpful at special lenses such as fisheyes.

Nevertheless, the A-mount stood in the following years also for continuity: The last digital SLR that came under the new company name Konica Minolta on the market, still had this bayonet. Meanwhile, it was acquired by Sony, which continues the camera division of Konica Minolta with the Alpha series.

The Minolta 7000 received the awards " Camera of the Year 1985 " in Europe and was winner of the " Grand Prix '85 " in Japan.

AF model

The camera belongs - next to the Minolta 9000 and Minolta 5000 - the AF series, and thus the first generation of auto focus cameras; the name Dynax was in Germany only with the i- series (1988 ff ) introduced; in the U.S., the AF series has been marketed under the product Maxxum.