Minor basilica

Basilica minor, minor basilica 'is a special title of honor, which the Pope gives a significant church building. The designation is to distinguish it from the church building type.

The award of a title Basilica minor aims " to strengthen the bond of the individual churches to the Roman bishop and to emphasize the importance of this church for the surrounding area ". The buildings and flags of a minor basilica can wear the crossed keys, as they are found on the papal coat of arms. The Padiglione, a yellow-red striped cone-shaped silk shade, originally for protection during processions, and the Tintinnabulum, a liturgical bell, as regalia are no longer mandatory. Other common names for the Padiglione are in Latin Umbraculum and according to Italian Ombrellino. The pastor of a minor basilica may wear a black Mozetta with red piping, buttons and buttonholes. The process of obtaining the title of minor basilica regulates nowadays especially the Acta Domus Ecclesiae de titulo Basilicae minoris of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments of 9 November 1989 with the title awarding certain demands are connected. " Personnel and structural features for a model celebration of the renewed liturgy and frequent preaching and Beichtdienst. At the Basilica, the insignia of the Pope ... to install, the Petrine - papal celebrations to commit formally to study the Roman pronouncements in religious education and spread. "

Worldwide currently bear the title of minor basilica churches in 1620 (as at 30 June 2011), 543 of them in Italy. Particularly important pilgrim be awarded this title. A minor basilica can be seen at an attached papal coat of arms of the reigning pope or conferring on a portal or some other prominent place. Higher rank than a minor basilica is the title of Basilica maior, which was, however, awarded only six times.

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